I hate to say it but we all know theres a tool theft epidemic and no one is helping, the only people to suffer is the tradesman. Tradesmen are being Targeted in most areas in the UK and the ones that are not are slowly making its way to them. We want to prevent tool theft and we believe this is the most sophisticated and secure way of preventing this.

Manufacturers Security is being over ridden.
After market locks are being overcome.

A New Intelligent Locking system has been forced into production to combat the theft of tools from the loading compartment of there Vans.

Check My Wheels have teamed up with Laver Technology to install a complete vehicle solution.
With our security we can prevent peeling of the doors, immobilising the vehicle, alarm the vehicle independent to the manufacturers security. Which will protect the glass, Bonnet, All doors and the rear load compartment. A surveillance camera system is also an option if required.