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Here at Check My Wheels.store we have a wide range of products and services, we provide products such as :-

Dead Locks, Slam Locks, Ford Replacement Locks, Alarms, Trackers, Towbars, Reverse Cameras & Many more….all with a professional Installation service.

We pride ourselves on keeping your life nice and easy for the customer. You buy the product, we do the rest! Once a product and Installation has been bought then we will contact you with your information provided and book you in.

Installation Includes Mobile Fitting but you can save by coming to our workshop, Enquire within!
Why not have your products fitted at our workshop? Its a big discount on price and also you get a days FREE fishing! What more could you want, just add WORKSHOP20 into the coupon upon checkout.

Not satisfied with the product you purchased? We offer instant refunds to all customers. You can ask for a refund within the first 30 days of the purchase date. No questions asked



All orders over £100 benefit of free shipping. Go ahead and purchase your favourite products. We will ship all your products in less than 2 days. Will ship Internationally but please e-mail with your order. Orders under £100 will be sent out Royal Mail 1st class

If you have any questions please contact us Call: 0800 080 7206 E-mail: Sales@CheckMywheels.co.uk Our operators will reply to any question urgently. We take support seriously! BEST SUPPORT IN THE BUSINESS


We are continuously updating and adding to our armoury

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